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E-commerce – how to combat shrinking order lead times

Today we live in an ‘I want it and I want it now’ e-commerce world and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Order lead times continue to shrink and having an excellent product to bring to market is no longer a guarantee of future sales.

Potential customers are constantly bombarded with online opportunities to buy through apps, email and social media that make ‘must-have’ purchases as simple as one click away. These, ever more demanding shoppers, mean that a good product isn’t good enough unless you can supply it by midnight tonight, or latest by noon tomorrow.

Today the only feasible way for businesses to attract and keep customers is to meet this growing demand, streamlining their logistics process to provide the most accurate, on-time fulfilment and distribution service possible.

How warehouse automation speeds up throughput

Introducing automation into the distribution centre is a guaranteed way to speed up throughput and increase accuracy, improving customer service whilst keeping labour costs down.

With an ever-changing market place, however, any planned investment in automation needs to be sufficiently scalable and agile to cope with variations in volume and order structure to avoid the risk of obsolescence in five years’ time. Consider all the available options carefully and seek expert advice from an experienced company whose engineers have the capability of tailoring a solution to meet your individual needs.

Axiom GB has extensive e-commerce experience and has completed an automated packing line solution for JD Williams, one of the UK’s largest independent shopping retailers. The system marries up marketing literature with relevant orders, prints advice notes, automatically bags and labels then places each order into dispatch cages.

The new system has enabled the company to consistently achieve a throughput of 1200 items per hour, a 15-20 percent improvement over its original manual packing operation.

Using warehouse automation to improve customer service

Automation has been proven to not only increase both the productivity and efficiency of a fulfilment operation but also to enhance customer service. Using the latest technology, automated packing, labelling and bagging lines significantly reduce the chance of errors occurring. Professionally packed products are presented to the customer with correct paperwork, delivered to the right address, and most importantly, on time.

If you’d like to discuss your specific automation requirements with an expert from Axiom GB, give Matthew Nickson a call on 01827 61212.


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