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Four simple solutions to raise warehouse productivity

Maximising the productivity of your warehouse in a cost effective manner requires a thorough analysis of your current situation and a systematic approach to change.

It is well worth the effort because a productive and efficient warehouse is also a profitable one with satisfied customers and motivated staff working in comfortable and safe conditions.

1. Review warehouse layout and workflow

Streamline work processes to reduce unnecessary travel time around the warehouse. Optimise routes for routine processes, poor use of space and wasted steps are extremely costly both in terms of time and money.

Ensure that stock is positioned appropriately where it can be easily retrieved. Use ‘goods to man’ conveyors to minimise staff movement and increase efficiency.

2. Reduce human errors in automated facilities by improving staff communication

Your employees are your most valuable investment. Make the most of them by ensuring they clearly understand their particular role within the warehouse as well as an understanding of the overall fulfilment process.

Staff should receive regular training and recognition of the important part they play in your business.

Upgrade technologies to increase accuracy. Voice activated picking and the use of RFID linked to a warehouse management system has revolutionised how items are picked and tracked around a fulfilment facility.

Automatic labelling machines not only increase the speed and accuracy of labelling products for dispatch, they also eliminate errors caused by manual labelling and reduce operating costs.

3. Join the automation revolution

Reduce the time spent picking, packing and sorting products by automating these processes. Collaborate with an external expert like Axiom GB to explore your automated options. Their engineering knowledge will enable them to design a solution that is tailored to your particular product, the size, weight and frequency of your orders and your predicted throughput.

Incorporating an automated sorter into your fulfilment operation can dramatically improve productivity. Axiom GB has developed the SWS (Swivel Wheel Sorter) to provide a reliable solution for both parcel and carton carrying sortation. Unlike many similar swivel wheel systems, the Axiom designed swivel wheels do not lift and lower when sorting. This provides a constant drive between the product and the wheel for minimum stress and maximum efficiency.

4. Invest in reliable materials handling equipment

Interruptions to production due to machinery breakdown can be very costly. It pays in the long-term to purchase new equipment from a reputable supplier and budget to buy the best quality you can afford.

Although it will still be necessary to set up a regular maintenance schedule, modern machinery will run faster and be more reliable than outdated equipment.

If you’d like to discuss how Axiom GB could increase your warehouse productivity with automation, give Matthew Nickson a call on 01827 61212.

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