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How to check that you’ve chosen the right automated solution provider

You’re in the market for an automated system for your facility and you’ve done your research so you believe the company you’ve selected stands up to scrutiny. Before you sign on the dotted line, however, take a few moments to double-check that you’re making the right decision.


Are you sure they are financially viable?

It doesn’t take long to run a quick credit check to provide an insight into the financial stability of a company. It’s certainly worthwhile if you choose to use a company which is not particularly well known.

Selecting a business with a solid financial history will give you peace of mind right from the start. Formed in 1999, Axiom GB has been trading successfully as a specialist designer and manufacturer of mechanical handling systems for the last two decades.


Are you talking to the right person?

Is he (or she) the one who will be designing your system, overseeing its production, installation and commissioning? Or are you liaising with an intermediary with limited engineering experience?

James Hodgetts, Programme Manager working on behalf of Unipart Technology Logistics commented, “It has been easy working with the Axiom team. It is a family owned business so you are in contact with the directors; there’s no lengthy chain of command to slow things down. Decisions are therefore made swiftly and work gets done at a faster rate.”


Are they really listening?

Is that person really taking the time to listen to you and to understand your business challenges? This is perhaps the most important part of the process and establishing a good relationship at the beginning will pay dividends in the long-term.


When off the shelf won’t do

Do they have the engineering knowledge and manufacturing capability to build a bespoke automated system for you? Can they demonstrate that it will deliver optimum performance to meet your needs today as well as being scalable for future growth?

The engineering team at Axiom has established a reputation for developing unique solutions which give clients results. These can be measured in terms of increased throughput, accuracy and profitability.


Can you see a system in action?

Will your chosen supplier give you the opportunity to go and see for yourself how they have solved similar problems for other customers? Ideally you want to be able to see their automated systems in action and talk to customers about the experience of working with your chosen supplier on a day to day basis.

Companies that are proud of their previous installations, such as Tamworth based, Axiom GB, will arrange comparable site visits to give you an understanding of their work.


Can they design the logistics software?

The software controls will be fundamental to the success of the project. Pick a provider that can offer you a full range of software modules which will ensure a smooth integration with on-site systems.

The in-house software engineers at Axiom GB are specialists in controls and logistics automation for integration into conveyor, distribution and warehouse operations. To date they have implemented more than 300 successful projects.


Is your supplier able to give you an accurate ROI?

Project approval for the capital investment of automated handling solutions will hinge on the correct cost-return strategy. Calculating an accurate return on investment is not straightforward. Some of the system benefits are simpler to calculate such as labour savings, better productivity and increased accuracy. Others are more difficult, for example better customer service and workplace safety.

If you have chosen wisely, your preferred partner will have the experience to consider all contributing factors to give you an accurate ROI.


Once commissioned do they provide an efficient maintenance & support service?

Your fulfilment centre relies on robust, low-maintenance automation, but it’s still necessary to have reliable support because occasionally, breakdowns will occur.

Axiom offers 24/7 cover every day of the year; their support contracts are tailored to suit and extend to remote connection support, telephone support, scheduled system maintenance visits as well as on-site support.

Matthew Nickson, director of Axiom GB comments, “Delivering the right solution for each client requires not only first class engineering expertise, but also strong analytical skills to understand the unique challenges of a particular project.

“Our experienced team of engineers are committed to spending sufficient time at the start of a project to ensure we truly understand the goals, parameters and potential pitfalls of the task at hand.

“This measured approach enables us to design and build the most appropriate materials handling system for every client’s specific needs.

“Indeed, it is this single-minded focus to provide a first class service that has underpinned Axiom’s success over the last 20 years.”

If you are looking to invest in automation and want to talk to a company with all the right credentials, contact Axiom for a consultation on 01827 61212 or email


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