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Need a reliable efficient conveyor system?

Reliable, efficient and cost-effective conveyor systems from Axiom GB.

The increasing demands of ecommerce, 3pl, warehousing and intralogistics in general mean that a reliable efficient conveyor system is a vital part of any processing or distribution business. If your existing conveyor is unreliable, requiring high maintenance and causing downtime, it is costing your company money.


What is a reliable efficient conveyor system?

Conveyor systems are used to move products, raw materials and goods from one place to another without the requirement of further manual handling or labour. The products could be loose, in a box or tote or packaged ready for the onward journey to the end customer. 

Conveyors are probably one of the most universal pieces of automation used in business, from raw material production, manufacturing and finished goods. Hardly a single product will not have been conveyed at some stage on its route to being used. Conveyors are a vital part of material handling equipment and solutions for transporting; accumulation and part of reliable efficient systems, from a single length to complex systems. 

Axiom are specialists in supplying conveyors for use in warehousing, 3pl, logistics, cross-docking and end of line (EOL) applications. Whilst well known in these market areas, Axiom are always open to looking at other applications where our reliable designs can add value.

Reliable Efficient Conveyor Systems for Material Handling

At Axiom, we design and build our own cost-effective conveyor solutions, which are suitable for a wide range of applications. From belt conveyors and roller conveyors to pallet handling conveyors, all our conveyors are extremely reliable, energy efficient and low maintenance.

Our in-house engineers will design control systems for your conveyor system to guarantee the absolute maximum performance from the system and deliver your exact needs. Whether it’s for cases, cartons, parcels, totes or pallets, we can design, build and install a solution that will boost your productivity and increase efficiency.

Free Conveyor System Assessment

If you are interested to find out more about how our conveyor system could transform your company, simply complete the ‘Free Conveyor System Assessment’ form. If you have a clear idea of the project scope and have a layout available, especially if you have a sketch or CAD layout drawing, we will be able work from this to produce an initial quotation for discussion.

Alternatively if you aren’t sure what is required, we will visit your site to talk through the various options that are available before sending you a layout and quotation.

Take the first step to save money and improve productivity today with a conveyor system from Axiom. 

    Need a Reliable Conveyor System?

    The proof of the pudding – Axiom conveyors in action

    If a new solution can save you 40 to 60 seconds on each order you pack and you are processing over a million a year, that’s a significant saving.

    Mike Gannon, Mail Order Operations Manager, Lakeland


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