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Material Handling Systems

During day-to-day life, thought is rarely given to the mechanical handling systems technology that ensures we have access to the products we regularly rely on.


What is Material Handling?

Material handling systems refer to the equipment which manages the storage and movement of products. They are essential to provide an efficient and consistent product distribution service.


Analysis is key

When designing a mechanical handling system, careful monitoring and analysis of the customer’s needs is always an important factor. They need to be assessed for their proficiency and effectiveness, as these aspects are vital in determining a positive bottom-line outcome for businesses. Various technologies and assessments can be implemented to ensure the particular mechanical handling system is working to its maximum, enabling peak productivity and efficiency.


Positive changes for productivity

Over the years, handling systems technology has developed greatly and it has had an enormous impact on the industry. Dispatch solutions to handle pick and packed orders are on the rise.

Although standard ready-to-go solutions still exist, tailor-made designs are often vital. Many clients have industry-specific needs when it comes to their mechanical handling system. Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just won’t cut it. Now, the specification of each individual item can be tailored to suit operating requirements – both with layout and budget in mind.


Conveyor Systems and Material Handling

Conveyor systems are a cost effective way to transport materials from one place to another. These material handling systems are effective  at producing significant cost savings and improving productivity within a range of industries:

Axiom has extensive experience in designing and installing conveyor systems for use with cases, cartons, parcels, totes and pallets.

The items can also be scanned and, depending on the item type, automatically labelled with a carrier label using a dynamic height labelling system.


Sorters in the Modern Age

Another mechanical handling system specialism of Axiom is sortation systems. These material handling solutions can now sort smaller items including clothing, creating more precision than ever before. Axiom’s sortation systems include the automatic pusher sorter, the swivel wheel, and the high speed pneumatic pusher.


Future’s bright…

It’s nothing new that factories utilise mechanical handling systems; but modern material handling solutions have reduced unforeseen costs to businesses at a significant level. In the past, downtime has been a massive productivity issue with older technology. This led to expensive maintenance costs and profit cuts. The latest systems provide improved reliability and energy efficiency all but eliminating downtime. Systems are also installed on site alongside normal operations.

Seeking advice from industry experts like Axiom makes sense. In doing so, not only will you naturally be embracing modern technologies and designs, but also making sure your we fully meet needs, on time, on brief and within budget.

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