Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Axiom’s fully integrated solution speeds up picking processes for Unifix

Tamworth based, Axiom GB, has designed, manufactured and installed a complete conveyor picking solution and warehouse management system into Unifix’s National Distribution Centre (NDC) in Smethwick. This fully integrated system has speeded up the picking process at the NDC, improved both accuracy and efficiency, optimised carton fill and eliminated the need for a paper based […]

Axiom sortation system doubles capacity at Game Group distribution centre

Axiom, the family owned UK manufacturer specialising in the creation of innovative material handling systems, has designed and installed a unique sortation solution into Europe’s leading video games retailer, GAME Group plc. The 216 destination pop-up roller sorter has a throughput rated at 20,000 products an hour. The GAME Group distribution centre in Basingstoke already had […]

High Speed Labelling System

Axiom has provided significant cost savings due to automatic label application In house design and engineering High speed labelling line Fully automated load and unload solutions 200 parts per minute Over and under labelling heads High performance servo driven machines Auto label length/apply position Apply accuracy +/- 0.5mm To satisfy customer specific demands and realise […]

High Speed Print, Apply and Sortation Line

High specification automatic print , apply and sortation line – 20-destination sortation. Automated loading systems High speed conveying and merging Automatic barcode scanning Product measurement systems Random print and apply Automatic label only 20 destination sortation system 120 products per minute   Deluxe Video Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Rank Group plc, […]

Tote De-stacking and Handling Equipment

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Automatic tote de-stacking solution Bespoke engineering solution Restricted installation space, unique design Complex handling solution Innovative R/FID tag reading system for product orientation High throughput for an application of this type Turnkey solution Siemens S7 PLC software Palmers needed a solution for automatically de-stacking returned totes onto a sorting system at one every three seconds. […]

Foldable Large Container (FLC) Handling Line

Automated folding large container handling line Bespoke handling system Designed and engineered exclusively for Ford by Axiom Complex automation system complete with robotic systems Tipping systems Folding systems Lid fitting systems Stacking systems Turnkey solution In a quest to increase productivity Ford recently installed an automatic container handling system at its Cologne plant that supports […]

Sortation System – Control System Upgrade

Axiom replaced an out of date control system and incorporated an automatic omni-directional scanning solution. Extensive sortation system and software knowledge Improved efficiency Automated omni-directional barcode reading Labour saving No down time Microsoft Windows SCADA and user interface package Siemens S7-300 PLC Axiom’s extensive knowledge of sortation systems and software was the key to a […]

Manual Cross Docking System

Cost effective palletisation eases delivery Integration with SAP R/F based picking – eliminates errors Pallet based shipping manifests Interfaces with carrier systems Flexible configuration Speeds picking/pack/dispatch processes Bulk or wave picks increase picking efficiency Helps eliminate customer/supplier shipping error claims Palletways, the UK’s market leader in the overnight distribution of small consignments of palletised freight […]

Order Picking System Upgrade

Pearson Education’s I/T department had a need to carry out as much in house support on their order picking and packing conveyor system as possible, they wanted the flexibility to make configuration changes to the system on a day to day basis if required. They also wanted to be able to carry out disaster recovery […]

Just In Time Delivery System

High profile business critical systems Siemens PLC software Unix based control software Bespoke engineering projects Turnkey solutions Interfaces with car manufacturers Business critical operations 24 hour operation and support Complex handling solutions Pirelli, based in Burton upon Trent, supply fitted units to three car manufacturers in the UK – BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover. Axiom […]

Automatic Carton Cross Docking System

Goods in to goods out in less than one minute – made simple by Axiom Two man operation Throughput of around 30 cartons per minute Automatic carton identification using omni-directional barcode reading Automatically updates proof of delivery records Carrier specific labels produced dynamically and automatically for each carton Dispatch documentation and manifests automatically produced Handles […]